?I thoght I was gonna have to buy a new system ? I didn?t.
Black's Cleaner showed me the problem and fixed it without much hassle. They saved me a ton, so I?ll definitely recommend them to all my friends.? ? Mike P


All of the work we do comes with a professional guarantee. Call us at 732-470-7878 (hot line) if you have any complaints or demands to improve,  We will discount 50% of your spending to us on that month.


Dennis and Helen  are devoted to their dry cleaning business for over 15 years. Dennis had worked in biochemical industry for over 20 years developing cleaning products. He  understands  the chemistry of stains and fabric structure,  and the chemistry of the cleaning. process.

Before stains are removed or cleaning progresses, We should understand the nature of fibers and  the nature of the  stains. Stains could be oils (cooking oil, grease,) or protein (blood, milk, cocolate, sweat) or tannin (grass, fruit juice, coffee,)  

Our business principle is to clean clothes for  family health  Eco Green clean does not use any harmful chemicals.